We share the beauty, wisdom and importance of understanding different cultures by teaching and sharing indigenous history and the arts.


We find a common language through the arts.

By sharing the sounds of music or the beauty of a painting, poem or prose, people see and understand different cultures. The arts dispel stereotypes and misperceptions.

We focus on bringing youth together by sponsoring indigenous musicians, artists and dancers to perform and teach. This is our first step in bridging different cultures and communities.

The arts bring children success and joy. When children learn to think like artists, they learn a way of approaching the world that will support them throughout their lives, academically and socio-emotionally.


We Inspire

Our focus is on children and youth who may have limited access to the arts.

Studies have shown that the arts engage students in activities that focus on problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking -all essential skills to thrive in the 21st century.